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One Tree Hill LIMS

A last icon maker standing contest featuring One Tree Hill

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oth_lims is a "last icon maker standing" contest for the show One Tree Hill. In theory, a bunch of people sign up and every week we will post some sort of cap/photo. All those partcipating will submit an icon using the photo and then the maker of the least favorite icon of the bunch will be voted out. This process will be repeated until there is only one icon maker left standing (hence the name).

1. You must sign up here for the contest. Sign-ups will end when the first challenge is posted on January 1st, 2005. Please put "always and forever" in your comment so that we know you read the rules.

2. Every week there will be voting to determine who is voted out. When voting, you must provide constructive criticsm. We will give you a chance to see yours if you want to, but please do not take it personally. Getting voted out is part of it. Do not sign up if you can't handle rejection or critiscm.

3. Follow all the rules given and only use the chosen cap.

4. No posting of the icon until after voting has ended.

5. Failure to submit an icon in time for the voting or failure to follow any of the rules will result in you being disqualified. If you have a question or will be away from your computer one week, email us (hider.cs@gmail.com) and we will try to work something out. We're nice people. We don't bite. We swear :)


- hide_r
- bananners


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